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Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) for ALL

Benefiting college athletes regardless of sport, school, or following.

Valuable for All Students of All Sports

ATHLYT is specially designed to be valuable for every student-athlete of any sport, at any level.

Brand Opportunities

Brands offer compensation for you to post on your social media, do 'shout-outs,' try their products, go to their business, and more.

Simple Acceptance

Just click "Accept" or "No thanks" and that's it! No messaging, haggling or negotiations.

Better as a Team

ATHLYT's software offers brands the chance to create "blocks" so promotions can be ran with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of student-athletes together, in a single campaign, all at once.

Compliance Tracking and Notifications

Track every deal, keep aware of conflicts, and keep your school informed, automatically!

Financial Management

Includes financial management tools and more.

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