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All-in-One NIL Platform

Outsourced management of brand, image and likeness that leverages new NCAA rules to maximize revenue to the College/University at no cost.

New Revenue

Create new advertising/marketing opportunities for your existing advertisers, sponsors and boosters.

All Athletes Benefit

Minimize/eliminate potential student athlete conflict through a customized revenue-sharing model, both within a sport and school-wide.

Recruiting Tool

Powerful recruiting tool that allows the college/university the ability to offer a turn-key solution to recruits.

Centralized Oversight

Centralize all current/active athletes on one platform - including social media management and alerts.

School Dashboard

See your active athletes by name, sport, usage and more - and see all their social media in one place.

Revenue Management

All school revenue associated with brand and athlete use is managed, tracked and deposited by the platform, with reports customizable by sport, advertiser, individual athlete, social media engagement, etc.

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